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Advantage of Screen Printing Over DTG Printing

When it comes to choosing between two common printing methods, screen printing is the better choice for many people. It is less expensive per unit and requires less skill to perform, so it is a better choice for small businesses. But with so many benefits, it can be hard to decide between screen printing and DTG printing. There are pros and cons to both methods, and we’ll look at some of them below. This article is not intended to replace DTG printing, but to provide an overview of each method and the benefits of each.

One of the biggest benefits of screen printing is its versatility. Unlike DTG printing, screen printing can be done on almost any surface. For example, screen printing can be done on the leg of a pantyhose, on the hood of a hoodie, and on the side of a t-shirt. This makes it a versatile option for small businesses. While screen printing may be more expensive than DTG printing, it is still an economical option, especially if you’re printing on large quantities.

Another downside of screen printing is its high labor costs. If you’re ordering a low-volume custom order, screen printing is not cost-effective, since you need to set up screens for each color, as well as an underbase screen for each color. This process takes more time than it does to actually print. Moreover, DTG printing is more versatile and cost-effective for low-volume custom orders. If you’re looking for a low-cost method, DTG printing is the way to go.

There are advantages to both techniques. The main differences between them are in production quantity, design detail, and overall process. If you’re going to print multiple colors on a single garment, screen printing is the best option because you can select the colors you want and the size that best suits your project. The latter method is more expensive, and requires more labor, but it does produce the best results. So, when deciding between DTG printing and screen printing, you need to think about these differences.

Direct to garment printing (DTG) is an innovative process that has revolutionized the apparel industry. This new method allows designers to create digital artworks and print them directly on clothing. This means that DTG printing is more versatile than screen printing, and you can achieve higher photorealism and color mixing with DTG. The disadvantages of DTG printing are limited only by your imagination. Screen printing is a great option for small-scale production, but DTG is much more cost-efficient. To learn more about screen printing click here.